Bespoke Ramps

Here at The Ramp Company, we always do our best to cater to your specific needs by offering as much choice as possible. With our experience we can build our ramps especially to suit our client’s specific needs, to your exact size and capacity requirements.

We sell our Aluminum Ramps throughout the UK, Ireland & Europe and have carried have supplied Bespoke Ramps to customers in many different in industries including, transport, education, health and medical.

We will be able to help you with any bespoke requirements. Just give us some details about the ramp you are looking for and a contact from our technical team who will supply you with a quote as soon as possible.

Please ask us about any requirement you may have. Our options include:-

•  Dock-Loading Ramp (no need for support legs)
•  Side Edges (foldable or fixed)
•  Special Extended Feet
•  Side Support Kit
•  Double spring  support

Enquire about Bespoke Ramps