The Ramp Company Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


We have put together this section to answer the questions that people are asking us about our Ramps!

Q. What Payment do The Ramp Company use?

A. We accept all major credit cards; our preferred method is BACS.

Q. What is your lead time for your ramps?

A. We stock a large range of ramps, and we can make them bespoke. The lead time is usually 2/3 weeks.

Q. Do you offer delivery?

A. Yes, we offer delivery to the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

For any other deliveries please enquiry today.  Get in Touch

Q. How do I figure out the measurements I need?

Please use our calculator below, or alternatively contact a member of our team and they will be happy to help

[Calculator Image]

The Ramp Company

Consider the machinery’s wheelbase while evaluating the loading capacity.

Choose a ramp with an internal width at least 50mm wider than the wheels or tracks of the loaded machinery.


Q. What type of ramps do you provide?

A. The Ramp Company stock a large range in stock of lightweight aluminium trailer ramps, car ramps, lorry ramps, truck ramps, van ramps, lawnmower ramps, flatbed trailer ramps, tipper lorries and much more. We supply a full range of loading ramps from stock suited for capacities from 500kgs to 25,000 kgs.

Q. What type of ramp can be used for a digger?

A. A large range in stock depends on the weight loading height and type tracks. Get in contact today to discuss this with a member of our expert team.

Q. What Type aluminium ramp is best for vans?

A. Folding and removable ramps are the best type of ramp for vans

Q. Do you offer bespoke built ramps?

A. Yes, we sell our aluminium Ramps throughout the UK, Ireland & Europe and have carried have supplied Bespoke Rampsto customers in many different in industries including, transport, education, health and medical.

Our team of people will be able to help you with any bespoke requirements. Just give us some details about the ramp you are looking for and a contact from our technical team who will supply you with a quote as soon as possible.


Please ask us about any requirement you may have. Our options include:

Dock-Loading Ramp (no need for support legs)
• Side Edges (foldable or fixed)
• Special Extended Feet
• Side Support Kit
• Double spring support

Contact a member of our team for a personalised quotation!  Get in Touch


Q. Do you offer aluminium ramps for wheelchairs?

A, Yes, The Ramp Company offer various options Aluminium ramps for wheelchairs to help people who use a wheelchair, power chair or disability scooter access vehicles, homes and workplaces.


Q. Do you offer aluminium ramps for trailers?

A. Yes, we stock a large range in stock of lightweight aluminium trailer ramps.


Q. What type of trailers are your ramps compatible with?

A. The Ramp Company Aluminium Ramps are compatible with Ifor Williams, Nugent, Dale

Kane, Indespension, Brian James, Graham Edwards trailers.


Q. Do the ramps have raised edges?

A. This is available; however, it is an optional extra. Speak to our team when ordering your ramps.


 Q. What kind of ramps does the ramp company use?

A. The Ramp Company specialise in aluminium loading ramps for a whole range of loading requirements. We supply a full range of loading ramps from stock suited for capacities from 500kgs to 25,000 kgs.


Q. How does the ramp company guarantee competitive prices?

A. The Ramp Company guarantees competitive prices as we bring all our loading ramps in direct from the source cutting out the middleman and dealerships so you can be assured you will receive superb pricing and quality on all of our products.